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Turn-Around Tuesday – Fear Tears Away One’s Hope

Hope For Today – Don’t Give Up!

  I’m Dr. Matthew Lee Smith and I want to share some Hope For Today to encourage you: Don’t Give Up because God speaks Hope For Today when he says in 2 Chronicles 15.7, (CSB) from the distress of His…

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Hope For Today – God Will Strengthen You and Help You!

  Maybe you are in the midst of a valley right now – financially, relationally, emotionally, physically. It might even be the result of your own doing. Whatever the reason, here you are … struggling, suffering, and sinking.…

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Transformed #290: Great Faith in a Great God Receives Great Victory!

Welcome to the Transformed Podcast. “Great Faith in Our Great God Receives Great Victory!” Launching from the daily life of the father of our faith, Abraham of old, Dr. Matthew Lee Smith, Lead Pastor of Woodland Drive Baptist…

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Transformed #285: Coaching Our Class to Christlikeness!

Losing is no fun! And yet, to be honest, Sunday Schools and Churches are losing people all across this nation. As we continue our New Year series, “When Sunday School Works Well!” Dr. Matthew Lee Smith speaks plainly…

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Transformed Podcast #267: O God, Do Not Keep Silent!

As God’s people watch the news these days, many are asking, “Are theses THE last days?” As the temperature of the Church cools towards Jesus and the our Culture continues to crumble, many of the Redeemed have chosen…

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Transformed Podcast #260: God, Who Is Known As El Roi, El Olam, El Shaddai and Immanuel!

  Life can be overwhelming at times, can’t it? If it wasn’t for the presence of God in our lives, how would we make it? Welcome to another episode of the Transformed podcast. In today’s study, which is…

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