How Would You Market A New Book?

Date July 20, 2009

You may have noticed that I have not been posting nearly as frequently over the last month.  The reason is that my daughter Tabitha and I have put the finishing touches on a new book.  It is done and I am really excited about it.  This is a book for anyone who longs to know God and desires to walk with Him in joyful and pleasure. It is very practical and I think inspirational.  The title is “In His Presence.”thumbnailimage1

We have been brainstorming ways to get the word out about this new book.  So, I thought I would see if you could help.  Leave me a comment with your thoughts or answering these questions:  How would you market a new book?  What creative ideas have you seen for getting the word out about a book? Are there ways that you would like to help us?

Thanks for your help!

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