Studying James 1:1

Date October 1, 2013

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Welcome to the Transformed Podcast!

We begin a new endeavor today as Dr. Matthew Smith, director of Eagles In Leadership, teaches verse by verse through the book of James, one verse per podcast. These studies were recorded live in his class at Bible Believers Christian College and Seminary in Hawthorne, California.

The book of James has been called, “the faith explained” and that is the purpose of these teachings. These short studies are designed to help you grow your faith.

Now, let’s open our Bibles to the book of James as Dr. Smith discusses our faith from the words of the step-brother of Jesus, the head of the Jerusalem Church …


2 Responses to “Studying James 1:1”

  1. Phira said:

    Very fun and refreshing exegesis!
    Thank you, Dr. Smith!

  2. Matthew Smith said:

    Thanks Phil! Be sure to share this with others on your Facebook page!

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