Transformed #297: Celebrate His Compassion!

Date December 22, 2016

Bullies will be around until we step into eternity … 

For every victory, we need someone – a Champion – to take out our bully. The greater the bully, the greater the Champion needed.

So many people need a Champion today … someone to take out the bullies in the world!

In the time of the birth of Jesus, there was a real big bully … Caesar Augustus. Consider that when this is written, the people of God are …

  • A conquered people by the Romans
  • A harassed people by the military
  • An abused people by the soldiers

Into this mess, 

Mary tells us this Christmas, Jesus is our Ultimate Champion!

Mary cries out …

“For he who is mighty has done great things for me, and holy is his name.” (Luke 1:49–50, ESV)


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