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Dr. Smith is available to speak to your organization, church or group on a variety of leadership and spiritual growth issues. Whether you are planning a leadership retreat or training summit, a spiritual weekend or a camp, bring the energy and expertise of a trusted and proven leader to your event!

This page will lead you to many of the seminars and series available. You can ‘mix and match’ these to fit your needs and desires. Of course, you are encouraged to contact Dr. Smith and discuss your particular event with him and his availability.

Reaching Your Community in Your Generation Weekend

The world around us changes approximately every 18 months! Such change brings great challenges to our mission. Eagles In Leadership has designed a weekend to help you energize your congregation or organization to fulfill the Great Commission in your community. You can bring this weekend to your church or organization! (More about that in a moment.) The weekend looks like this …

Saturday – Sunday


Breakfast gathering – around tables

Session 1: Help! My Community is Changing!

50 minutes – after breakfast

The community around our facilities has changed so much since we first started this ministry. Our mission has never changed – we are here to reach our community to Christ. So what’s happened and, better yet, what can we do to fix it? This session helps us understand the natural process of decline in a church and how to bring focus afresh on the mission so that we can reach our community in our generation!


15-20 minutes

Enjoy some time with Dr. Smith, peruse the book table and get an autographed copy of one of his books!

Session 2: What’s Your Dream? (And How to Reach It!)

50 minutes

God has placed a specific dream in the heart of every church. That dream involves the mission of Jesus – to make disciples of all nations. In this exciting, informative and inspiring session, Dr. Smith will take you through specific steps to help you discover or rediscover the dream of God for your life as an individual and as a church body. You will come away from this session with fresh energy and hope as you seek to share your story of God’s glory to spread His name and fame!


Session 3: Healthy Churches Grow!

40 minutes

Healthy couples have children; sick ones don’t. The same is true for churches. Bringing people to faith is the birthing process within God’s Church. Understanding what happens that brings decline in American Churches is a key to helping us reach our community in our generation. Once you know what went wrong, you can begin to take steps, as a church, to fix those things! In this powerful session, Dr. Smith walks us through the natural life of a church and shows us how to bring fresh life and vitality to our congregation!


15-20 minutes

Enjoy some time with Dr. Smith, peruse the book table and get an autographed copy of one of his books!

Session 4: It’s All About the Mission!

40 minutes – Morning Worship Message

In order to reach our community in our generation we will need to focus on two key issues, according to Jesus. In this humorous, encouraging and insightful message, Dr. Smith will reinvigorate your faith and center your life on the two keys all growing churches focus upon.

Optional Q & A Session: What are the questions you would like an answer to?

Pot luck lunch session

In this informal setting, you will have an opportunity to ask any question about church growth, church health and how to reach your community in your generation!


Of course, you can tailor this weekend to your specific need. Take a moment now and contact Dr. Smith (Admin[at] to bring this weekend to your church or organization and learn more about how you can reach your community in your generation.

General Leadership Development

In these times of unparalleled change, the people of God need both the Biblical tools and skills necessary to serve God’s Kingdom. In each lesson, Dr. Smith brings his years of church leadership and his passionate presentation skills to your organization so your leaders can effectively achieve your goals.

The Individual Lessons

Series – Teamwork in Turbulent Times

  • Playing to Win – 4 Key strategies to Biblically win in life and ministry.
  • Coaching Your Team to Victory – 5 Core commitments of a great coach.
  • Devising a Winning Game Strategy – 4 powerful attitudes.
  • Establishing Your Shared Purpose – Translating core beliefs into a clear, powerful statement of vision and mission.
  • Recruiting Excellent Team Players – 7 core character qualities of an excellent team player.
  • Learning From Our Losses – 7 practical guides to growing an attitude that will make the most of our mistakes.
  • Courage: Breakfast of Champions – The Dynamic Duo: Courage and Faith.
  • Focusing on the Goal: The Secret of Winning in Life! Caleb: The example of focusing on goals for winning in life!
  • Developing Your Coaching Staff – A coaching case study: Coach Paul to Staffer Timothy.
  • Celebrating the Victories – Smaller Victories Should Be Celebrated With Praise! Larger Victories Should Be Celebrated With Promotions! Huge Victories Should Be Celebrated With Parties!

Series – Leading With Significance

While many people seek after success, the goal is eternal significance for those who serve Jesus Christ! In each powerful lesson, Dr. Smith recharges your leader’s hope and develops their skills and abilities for spiritual leadership. In a world craving leadership integrity and veracity, courage and strength, this series delivers all of this and more!

The Individual Lessons

  • The Leader’s Source of StrengthPrayer! 8 aspects of the leader’s prayer life.
  • The Leader’s Source of Stamina – Discipline! 3 key questions to answer for maximum effect from discipline.
  • The Trust Factor: Integrity In Ministry – 11 key characteristics of integrity.
  • Always Curious, Always Learning – 8 Biblical examples of life-long learners!
  • Finding the Best in People – 16 actions to express true Biblical love to others.
  • And Then Some … Practical ways to remove the “roadblocks” that destroy our effectiveness in ministry.
  • Getting the Message Across – Essential elements from Paul’s trip to Thessalonica.
  • The People ARE Your Ministry! 14 Biblical attitudes needed for a people-centered ministry.
  • Another Word for Success – 4 traps that terrorize success (and how to beat them)!
  • The “WE” of Leadership – The power of a team seen from Moses’ judicial ministry to Israel.
  • Bite The Apple, Climb The Stairs – 14 principles from Jesus on planning and achieving your goals.
  • Pushing The Envelope! 8 Biblical principles to teach us to number our days and to develop a clear action plan in order to do something great for God!

Series – Soaring With Eagles In Leadership

At the heart of all great leadership is a great leader! In these Bible-based lessons, Dr. Smith focuses on the core elements of being an ‘Eagle’ leader by Encouraging Achievement in Godly Leaders by Emphasizing Servanthood’ (EAGLES). This series feeds the eagle in all of us!

The Individual Lessons

  • With Wings Of Eagles (The Value of Patience) 6 steps in how to be patience in the ministry and the Christian life.
  • The Eyes Of An Eagle (The Importance of Vision) 6 insights about vision that teach us the necessity of altitude in our leadership.
  • Carried On Eagle’s Wings (The Benefits of a Mentor) 9 characteristics of an eagle mentor are described so the young eaglet can find someone to help them in their personal growth.
  • Renewed Like An Eagle (The Secret of Strength) 7 secrets of strength that comes from a relationship with God.
  • Exalted As An Eagle (The Dangers of Pride) This lesson explores the dangers of pride in ministry, how to expose them in our lives and how to live a life that prevents them.
  • Swift As An Eagle (The Conquering of Your Time Problems) This lesson will give you clear guidelines on how to “cut through” the hassles of time management, more results from your effort, and more time to enjoy family and friends.
  • Boundaries of An Eagle (The Territories Of Our Ministry) This lesson explores our “ministry territory” where we nurture our young eaglets and vigorously defend them at all time from predators. Also explored is our “hunting territory” where we draw prospects for our ministry team.
  • Nourished As An Eagle (The Imperative Of A Spiritual Retreat) This lesson provides both a strategy and a plan for your next “spiritual retreat.”
  • Motivated As An Eagle (The Hunger That Should Drive Us) This lesson teaches one of the key Biblical methods of motivation available to the eagle leader and provides practical ways to encourage those more “reluctant” members of our ministry team into serving God with enthusiasm.
  • Flying High Like An Eagle (The Avoidance Of Irritations) This lesson explains how to catch the “updrafts” and soar above the storms and the “smaller birds” that seek to ground the eagle leader.

Series – VIP Treatment In A Self-Service World

What differentiates ministries that excel and those that make excuses? Service is the difference! As Jesus reminds us, he did not come to be served, but to serve and give his life a ransom for many. This series provides the essential, Biblical tools every team of leaders needs to bring servant-leadership to their ministry!

The Individual Lessons

  • The Essence of VIP Treatment! 7 core values that make up the essence of VIP treatment.
  • The Core of VIP Treatment! 4 attitude shifts required in our relationships.
  • The Focus Upon Meeting Needs! 4 actions of a compassionate mindset that makes all the difference in the world.
  • Moments of Truth! 7 elements of VIP treatment necessary to turn the heart of anyone in “a moment of truth” situation.
  • The Manifestation of Love – Listening! 7 listening lessons learned from our relationship with the Lord Jesus.
  • A Passion for People! 7 examples of a passion for people demonstrated in the ministry of Paul to the church at Thessalonica.
  • Developing the Talent of Our People! 8 strategies or “snapshots” of how Jesus developed the talent of “The Twelve.”
  • Partnering – Our Powerful Potential! 5 Biblical demonstrations of a partnership attitude.
  • The Pursuit of the WOW Impact! 10 key Biblical elements of excellence in ministry.
  • Living With Your People! (Bringing Transformation Through Connectedness) 7 dimensions of incarnational service from Philippians 2.

Series – Created To Be Creative

Face it, almost all ministries are copies of all the rest! Yet the God who designs with amazing creativity has given us the same ability. Moving from copy-cat to creative in your leadership is a matter of following the leader – God himself. You will enjoy this series as Dr. Smith opens your world to the incredible variety of God and his Spirit!

The Individual Lessons

  • Created To Be Creative! 7 key factors for creativity from Genesis.
  • Created To Be Curious! 7 key strategies for improving your curiosity from Proverbs 2.
  • Created To Be Open and Flexible! The case for open-mindedness from the lips of Jesus.
  • Created To Risk! Risk-tolerance: the essence of Abrahamic faith.
  • Created To Be Passionate! 7 key Biblical ingredients to a passionate creativity for life.
  • Created To Be Challenged! 5 examples from Paul’s life in pressurized times.
  • Created With Ideas! Unleashing the rivers of living water trapped inside!
  • Creativity and Clutter! 4 vital stewardship principles for organizing your life.
  • Creativity Killers! (The Words and Thoughts That Massacre Innovation) 7 applications of the power of words from James 3.
  • Created As A Team! 7 aspects of th e mysterious body of Christ from 1 Corinthians 12.

Series – Urbanology 101 – Building a Lasting Church in an Urban Environment

Urban Ministry is in Ruins in America! ‘White flight’ and ‘brown frown’ have left the cities of the USA a wasteland of Christian spirituality. Yet, as we reread the New Testament, we discover the Apostle Paul in effective ministry while in the city and running for his life when he leaves the city. It is our hope that your heart will be stirred as Dr. Smith shares both the Biblical truth and strategy to reach your community for Christ!

The Individual Lessons

  • The Distress of Our Cities – Compares our current conditions with the 5 facts Paul gave concerning cities in his day.
  • The Directives of Our God – Examines the 3 directives of god concerning the city and tracks Paul through his 3 missionary journeys discovering his strategy for cities.
  • The Dilemma of Our Churches – Explores the 4 major areas where today’s church is in trouble.
  • The Distinctives of Our Solution – Reviews 9 of Christ’s solutions that would more than remedy the losses of the church to this culture.
  • A Changed Philosophy For Leadership Character vs. Content – Shows how to transition in 5 areas of ministry philosophy to reverse the current trends of the American church.
  • A Changed Training For Leadership Accountability vs. Attendance – Shows how to transition through 8 building blocks of leadership training to reverse the current trends of the American church.
  • A Changed Practice In Leadership Shepherding vs. Supervising – Shows how to transition through training leadership how to shepherd their small group in order to reverse the current trends of the American church.
  • A Changed Result From Leadership Reliable Activity vs. Rebellious Attitudes – Shows how to transition through 7 principles for leadership training to reverse the current trends of the American church.
  • Repair the Breeches: The Nehemiah Principle – Explores both the model and the method of Nehemiah to discover 12 principles and practices to repair the urban church.
  • Restore the Mission: The Acts Principle – Explores both the fulfillment and the obstacles from Acts to discover 14 principles and practices to restore the mission of the urban church.
  • Retool the Leadership: The Master’s Principle – Explores both the model and the process of Jesus to uncover 14 applicable practices to retool the leadership of the urban church.
  • Rebuild the Church: The Ephesian Principle – Explores the 10 essential elements used by the Apostle Paul to build the church at Ephesus, revealing principles and practices to rebuild the urban church.

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