Dear Eagles partner,

One of the greatest transformative activities I have ever undertaken is the reading and rereading of God’s Word each year. Since 1993, when Russ Gabler encouraged me to read cover-to-cover every year, I have watched God bless and change me – from the inside out!

Now, starting my 28th read (many years I have read several times through), I continue to be amazed at God’s depth as I reread His Word.

Could I challenge you to join me this year in reading God’s Word cover-to-cover? I have designed a reading schedule which you can download right now. It’s in PDF format so you can print out copies for you and others at your leisure. You will also find this resource under “One Year Bible Reading Schedule (PDF – Free)” on the “RESOURCE” tab.

If you choose to read along with me, I would love to hear from you. My email and voice mail are listed on the front cover of the reading schedule. I invite you to share your experiences with me and, I will be glad to pass them on through the podcast so others can be encouraged.

May you have a Christ-filled New Year with all the prosperity living within His presence affords (Psalm 16.11).

Dr. Matthew Lee Smith