God wants to put his church together! He wants his church to grow! In fact, we will learn today that it is the nature of the church to grow! If a church is not growing, then that church is sick!

God is so concerned about the growth of his church that he has presented every local church with a gift! THE purpose for all of these gifts is plainly declared to us today … spiritual maturity! Spiritual maturity is not a gaining of knowledge, but a giving of service. You know you are spiritually maturing when you are serving the local church body of King Jesus! When you are “pulling your load” and not “making a load of work,” then you are maturing!

As Dr. Matthew Lee Smith, Senior Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Palos Verdes CA, we discover 5 special gifts God has given to His church!

Let’s listen in now as Pastor Matt teaches us all about giftedness – beyond your wildest dreams!

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