Christmas is a great time to buy your loved ones a new daily devotional to keep them reading through God’s word in 2010!

From now till October 15 2009 you can get 25% OFF each of Dr. Smith’s books! Enter the special code 9LM6PF94 at checkout from our CreateSpace estore.

Read what folks are saying about these two books!

[In His Presence] is a great book that really digs into understanding the Psalms like you never did before! We love this book so much, we started out saying we would only do 1 Psalm per day, but… it is so hard to put down you cheat and find yourself doing more and more and more!! You must have this book!

[In His Image] is a book everyone should have sitting right next to your Bible. As you read your bible look in Dr. Matthew Smith’s book and see how he sums up what you just read. He is so knowledgeable! This book takes you through the Bible in 1 yr. We used it in our Sunday School Class as well. It helped us alot, I highly recommend this book.

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