By Dr. Matthew Lee Smith

As I grow older, I have noticed that time seems to move faster. Yes, there are still 60 seconds in a minute and 60 minutes in an hour. With seven days in the week and 52 weeks a year still standard, I am often perplexed as to how time goes by so quickly.

With such reflections, it struck me the other day that our lives – in their entirety – could be compared to the twelve months on the calendar. If we lived to 84 years of age, and compare our life to one year on a calendar, each month on the calendar would represent seven years.

With these thoughts floating around, I began to grow sober-minded. By the end of January on the calendar of my life, I was in second grade; a freshman as February came to a close. Melodee and I were married by the end of March. Each month of the calendar moves me closer to the end of my life and my divine appointment with the Lord.

Now, in the midst of August on the calendar of my life, I am refocusing my priorities and asking the Lord, “What would you have me to do with the final three months – the final quarter – of my life?” As I pray, wait and listen for the answers from the Lord, I am centering my thoughts on these key points …

  • When God called me into His ministry, it was for life.
  • As God trained me for ministry, what did he gift me to do?
  • In the years I have been in ministry, what has God blessed?
  • When I dream big dreams, what do they entail?
  • At my funeral, how would I want this question completed? “Matthew was best know for … “

As you think about your life calendar, what does it tell you? Which season are you in? And what would God have you to do with the next month of your life?