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Recently I have considering the question: “What drew 100s and 1000s of people to Jesus type of holiness?” It’s a question from Alan and Deb Hirsch’s book, Untamed! As I continue to think about the question, I have come to the following list of “evidences that  a person really cares for you.” This is what I believe drew so many people to Jesus. Here’s my list:

  • The other person thinks of you when you are not in contact.
  • The other person empathizes with you when you’re in pain.
  • The other person comforts you when you’re miserable.
  • The other person supports you when you’re in need.
  • The other person confronts you when you’re in error.
  • The other person defends you when you are attacked.

That’s my list. I would love to hear yours!