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Welcome to the Transformed podcast.

“You mean I will have to give a full accounting of my life to Jesus?”

Yes, a detailed and full explanation of your life will be expected of you! – whom you lived it for, what you did, why you did it – all of this is part of the final judgment for all believers.

In today’s study, Dr. Matthew Lee Smith, lead Pastor at Pacific Baptist Church in El Segundo, California helps us answer the greatest issue in our lives: Who is really in charge of my life? For whom do I live my life for?

Let’s join Pastor Matt as we explore nine realities of why one should live their lives for Jesus Christ.


And with that final prayer for help from Dr. Smith, it is our deepest hope is that you will grow to know Jesus in a much more personal, intimate manner so that you can imitate Him before others in your world.

Perhaps you would you consider sharing this message with a friend? God longs to release the captives of our culture into the freedom of faith. Thank you!

If you would like to explore how to enjoy a deeper life with Jesus, one that God is pleased with, Dr. Smith writes a weekly blog to help you do just that!

Becoming Like Jesus is a chronological walk with Jesus through His life and ministry. This weekly blog is built around the premise that Jesus lived a transparent life with His disciples so that could imitate Him. Becoming Like Jesus helps you become the hands and feet of your Master, the Lord Jesus, in your daily life.

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Today’s episode was recorded live in El Segundo, California and edited by Ryan Longsworth in Los Angeles, California.

And now, until next time, we are praying that you would be filled with the love of God so that you can demonstrate His love to the lost and dying in your city! God bless!