Sometimes a tool for Bible study comes along that simply is indispensable … and, for the Gospels, I believe THIS is it. Combining all four narratives into one story line, A Simplified Harmony of the Gospels, truly makes understanding the chronological unfolding of the life of Christ.

Combining and adapting the often multiple lines of the Gospel writers, George W. Knight, has chosen to “mesh” the accounts while noting the locations of such adaptations. The “flow” of reading is only slightly impaired with the adjustments.

There are 223 segments to the Harmony, broken into 8 major sections of the life of Jesus allows for more in-depth study. Throughout the chronicles of Jesus life and ministry, George W. Knight has added a running commentary to aid in the understanding of the text in focus.

Bringing clarity to the message of the Gospel combined with ease of reading makes this a MUST-have resource. To order a copy of A Simplified Harmony of the Gospels from Amazon, simply click this link