Week 3: A Week of Faith in Action!

January 17th

Our Faith In Action Over Our Physical Lives!

We’re Acting on What God Says!

Read: 1 Corinthians 10:23-33 – 11:1

Believe: Our physical health matters greatly to our spiritual expansion this year, for we cannot expand God’s Kingdom when we’re sick and weak! (Remember, gluttony is a lack of self-control and self-control is a fruit of the Spirit. We much choose to walk in health if we are to have the energy and strength to accomplish ALL God has for us in Our year of Expansion!)

Ask: So, ask God these three questions and listen throughout your day for His responses:

• Will You show me, Lord, what are the things I need to remove that don’t build up my physical health and strength so I can enjoy ALL You plan for me in my year of expansion?
• Will You cause me to realize what I eat is a LIVING TESTIMONY to those who are without Christ and so I need to be sensitive to how I choose to eat and maintain my health so I can enjoy ALL You plan for me in my year of expansion?
• Will You show me how to eat and maintain my health for the GLORY OF GOD so I can enjoy ALL You plan for me in my year of expansion?

Pray: It is my deepest prayer that I can enjoy ALL that You have planned for me in 2020, King Jesus! So I am asking you to EXPAND my physical life as I choose to live and eat in a healthy, more godly manner, realizing that my physical appearance and health will directly affect how You bless me in 2020, My Year of Expansion!”

Be Specific. Now, pour out your heart to God for the things you are praying and fasting for, ESPECIALLY asking God to answer the three questions above!

A Year of Expansion!

This week is all about seeing that we are willing to do WHAT IT TAKES to live by faith in our ENTIRE lives!

More coming tomorrow! Stay alert for our next post as we continue week THREE of 2020: Our Year of Expansion!

PLEASE take the time to share your experiences below as we step out by FAITH and trust God for greater EXPANSION in our lives!